Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still Undefeated

The farmer set up the milkstand in the middle of the barn aisle for purposes of milking Hannah Belle ALL THE WAY OUT.

Onlookers looked on.

Hannah Belle jumped right on the stand and began eating as fast as she could.

"That's nice," said the farmer. "How nice."

The farmer started milking at top speed.

Things went very well for two minutes, then Hannah Belle began performing milk evading maneuvers which drew oohs and ahs of appreciation from the spectators. Not since Scouty's udder was bitten by a spider have we seen this type of Cirque du Soleil performance.

I was frankly expecting a better showing but in fairly short order the farmer looked into the bucket dreamily, where there was two minutes worth of beautiful Nigerian milk, and said, "this will be enough for several lattes."

And that was that.

7 to 0.

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Stevie said...

Have you ever tried the towel trick? I got a champion Nigerian at a great discount b/c no one could milk her out (at least not without having their forearms black and blue from being kicked, stepped on, and smashed against the sides of the bucket when she would sit in it). My dad, who milked dairy cows growing up, told me to simply wrap a towel around her abdomen a few inches in front of her udder. You can tie it if it's long enough, but I use a hair clip to hold the ends of the towel together. It works like a dream!!! When ever she starts to lean her weight in order to kick or sit in the bucket she immediately stops and straightens up. My dad said it was because when she moves like that, the towel puts pressure on her abdomen and she doesn't like it so she stops. He said it worked on 1000lb dairy cows (but they used sheets). I used the towel for about 2 weeks after she freshened and now she milks out fine for me even without it (although guest milkers have to use it or she'll kick the bucket over). Just a suggestion :)
Stevie @