Saturday, February 09, 2013

Marvelous Times

Our farmer is not getting any smarter. Yesterday our farmer was walking around marveling. I don't know if you know any farmers but if you do you have probably seen them marveling. Certain times of year especially they walk around marveling, I guess it is something similar to going in heat.

"Listen to that," they will marvel, "the frogs are already singing down in the pond."

"Oh my goodness, look," they will marvel, "the hummingbirds are back."

Or: "I'll be darned, new catkins on the willow tree."

Usually they marvel over something you noticed about a month ago.

Anyway yesterday our farmer just to show what I am up against was walking around marveling and said to Wendell, "for Pete's sake it is almost February."

Wendell goggled his eyes in amazement, he will marvel about anything if it is presented in the right tone of voice.

"NO!" he goggled. "IT"S IMPOSSIBLE!"

"Where does the time go, Wendell?" the farmer asked.

Wendell goggled in stupefaction, he did not even try to answer.

I will tell you where the time goes, it goes around in a circle and then it comes back. Sometimes it goes down a rabbit hole and stays there for a while. But then it goes around and comes back. if you don't know that what can I say. Haven't you noticed anything.

"Oh, Catkin," said the farmer, suddenly. "That would have been a good C name."

The farmer always thinks of good C names when it is a D year, this is in the nature of farmers I think, like marveling.

Anyway, that's all.

Oh p.s. there has been an uproar about Crumpet's t-shirt so she will get a t-shirt after all. Not right now. Probably when the swallows come back. Unless time goes down a rabbit hole. Then it will be later.