Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And Build it 24 Cubits High...

Well, we have put our ark contruction on temporary hiatus, because today, after floods and hurricanes and wind and hail and the creek rising and the trees falling and everything else from this winter that just started but already feels three winters long, we are having a new form of weather: thundersnow. Yes, that's right, we have a few inches on the ground already and it is still drifting down, and in the background you hear the distant rumbling of a summer storm.

Only it is January, and it is snowing.

Well, they say everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it. We'll see about that. I don't plan to just take this lying down. Especially since the "Sopranos" are hogging all the good spots.

Which, by the way, little Wronny who seemed so sweet has now officially been welcomed into the Soprano clan, so now there are three of them instead of just two. As if we didn't have enough trouble.

Thundersnow Update: The Weather People promised quite specifically that it would stop snowing at daylight. But here it is almost eleven and the snow continues, in open defiance of the meteorologists. And the sun is also out, shining quite brightly. Hmm, how odd. I hate to say it, but it almost like they have no idea what they are talking about.