Friday, July 22, 2005

The Family Tree

Well, I thought I would just post something on my family tree to bring everyone up to speed. I am two years old now, and I have had three children. Hannah Belle was my first child and she was spoiled rotten. She remains to this day an awful pest and escape artist. This year I had two babies, Jingle and Tinker.

Jingle, my son, went to live with a lovely family. Tinker (who looks exactly like her sister) is not as spoiled as Hannah Belle, although I have to say she carries on the family tradition of exquisite good looks, conformation, dairy character, and of course extreme humility.

Now Hannah Belle has had two sons: Orzbit and Charzan, and something funny happened. While Hannah Belle, Jingle Belle, and Tinker Belle all look exactly alike, Charzan and Orzbit look nothing alike - except they both have blue eyes - and neither of them look anything like their mother. Or me, their grandmother. So all I can say is, go figure.