Monday, June 04, 2012

Cate Moss

Well it was finally picture day and all the babies paraded out. Some of them did not have names yet, including Pinky Jr.'s two daughters, who were born with no trouble and lived their whole lives (a week or so) without causing any trouble. Both were leggy blondes, like their mother, and shy and retiring like their mother.

It was decided the first one would be called Pink Champagne. She came out and was photographed and then was put away. Then her little sister came out. Her little sister is long and elegant with legs like a thoroughbred filly and a beautiful photogenic face and thin as a rail and it was decided her name would be Cate Moss. Cate with a C, because it is a C year.

"Why don't you give her a bottle?" said the photographer, who had come over from Minter Bay.

"Oh she does not take a bottle. She is not a bottle baby," the farmer pronounced.

"She looks like she wants a bottle," said the farmer from Minter Bay.

"She is not a bottle baby," our farmer repeated, slightly more loudly.

"But she looks like she wants a bottle. "

Since this appeared to be a stalemate the farmer went and got a bottle to demonstrate that Cate Moss is not a bottle baby. Cate Moss drained the bottle in 15 seconds without taking a single breath.

"Wow," said the farmer.

"There, you see," said the farmer from Minter Bay with some satisfaction.

"She is not a bottle baby, though," the farmer repeated dully, refilling the bottle with milk.

Since then Cate Moss has had six bottles, and she stands at the gate waiting for the farmer every morning.

In spite of the fact that she is not a bottle baby.