Sunday, March 15, 2009


The weather people said we might expect a holly jolly smattering of snow this morning but it wouldn’t amount to much and it wouldn’t stick to the roads. By six o’clock it had smattered up to my pasterns and by nine it was halfway to my knees. I thought smattering meant something else, as in “here is your pitiful meager smattering of daily grain, Baby Belle, hardly enough to keep a hamster alive.”

Anyway they say we should expect a smattering of wind this afternoon so the farmer is going to see if the generator will start. It usually only likes to start on beautiful calm sunny days, though. You would not believe how well it runs on a beautiful calm sunny day. Like a sewing machine.

Jammies is doing better today but when the farmer tried to trick her into taking Ziggy, a little LaMancha doeling, as her baby, she wouldn’t even consider it. Instead she head-butted Ziggy – pretty nicely, considering – all the way down the barn aisle.

She prefers the B.U.B. program (Big Ugly Baby), meaning that she only wants the farmer as her baby. Too bad, Ziggy is much cuter.