Sunday, May 01, 2011

Fleet Foxes

Speaks for itself....right?

Goat of the Month

Cherry is our Goat of the Month. Congratulations to Cherry.

Cherry (aka Tellicherry) is Pinky Jr.'s (aka Pinkberry) twin.

They are both Big Orange daughters.

Cherry is just as sweet as Big Orange but not as crazy, only medium crazy. She is the type who can be released on her own recognizance. That is if you can catch her in the first place. She is a fast runner and good at sharp turns. She looks like a big sleek glossy black deer with mostly chewed-off ears.

Cherry has been donating to the Milk Drive every day. All of the milk collected goes to my three kids and the farmer's coffee and cheese fund and the save-Wendell-from-unsightly-weight-loss campaign and the goat milk soap factory in the cottage and the please-support-elderly-border-collies Foundation.

And there is still plenty enough left over to stupefy Maraschino. We have never known Maraschino to stay awake for longer than five minutes, this is because of milk stupefaction. She is constantly nodding off.

Try stupefying someone with milk you bought at the grocery store and see what happens. Nothing.

Anyway Cherry is our Goat of the Month. Congratulations to Cherry.