Sunday, February 13, 2005

One of the surprise triplets, just born Posted by Hello

Breaking News!

Holy Goat, see if you can guess what happened here last night!

Breezy stole my thunder!

Thank Goodness Atty was paying attention. When the farmer came out to give him his dinner in the pasture just after dark, he was barking and making a ruckus and running in and out of the shed.

First the farmer was grumpy and said, "Atty! Eat your dinner! Stop making so much noise!"

Then the farmer heard a big scream and ran to look in the shed. Yep, you guessed it, Breezy had just popped out a baby. The farmer grabbed the baby and ran up to the barn.

Atty stayed on watch. Before the farmer got back, Breezy popped out two more babies. The farmer grabbed the two new wet babies and went up to the barn, and Breezy ran along behind, following the babies' little cries. Soon they were all dried off and full of milk and tucked into a cozy warm stall with lots of fresh straw.

Breezy was not supposed to kid until the end of March, but the dates must have been mixed up. She fooled everybody! When Atty came off his watch duty this morning he ran right to the barn to sniff the new babies and make sure they were okay.

Good job, Atty! It was freezing cold out there, that would NOT have been good for those little kids!

Pictures coming soon: two girls and a boy. VERY cute. (But probably not as cute as my babies will be, if I ever do have them....)

And yesterday was Breezy's birthday, too, isn't that funny?