Sunday, January 18, 2009

Turning on the Heat

Well some of you may remember my daughter Hannah Belle. She is known for her safecracking bail-jumping troublemaking ways. The fence has not been built that will hold her. She has been a very bad girl since she was very small; when she was about a week old she snuck down into the apple pasture, found a hole in the fence, scampered through, and went to sit in the neighbor's lap.

The neighbor was digging postholes, and had sat down in the field to take a rest. The farmer looked high and low all through the barn, under the cabana, inside the buck pens, yelling for Hannah Belle the whole time.

Anyway she was asleep in the neighbor's lap. He didn't seem to want to give her back, either, which was odd.

Well lately I have been under the weather so I have my own stall. It is a private stall, as I mentioned earlier, and since I got Mabel kicked out no one has bothered me. It's nice having a private stall.

But sometimes it's a little lonely, and sometimes it's a little chilly even with my new jacket.

Anyway yesterday Hannah Belle waited for the farmer to go in, then jumped over the wall in the milker stall into the LaMancha doe kid stall, and over that into the aisle of the barn.

Then, instead of knocking all the grain bins over like she usually does, she escaped into my stall. The farmer came out at bedtime and looked at her and didn't say anything.

Then this morning the farmer came out and she was still in with me. It is a lot warmer with a nice fat daughter sleeping next to you. Consider that if you ever decide to sleep in a barn in January.

"You are a good daughter," the farmer said, and gave Hannah Belle an animal cracker, which she is completely banned from having because she is so fat and so good at stealing grain.