Friday, February 04, 2005

Ten Short Days to go!

Hi everybody! Here I am on a windy Friday with ten days to go. My friend Eo (a miniature Toggenburg) is visiting me in the barn because she got bored down in the pasture. Eo is spoiled because she lived in the house when she was a baby.

When Eo finally went outside to live she was shocked to discover that:

a) there were other goats in the world.

b) the other goats didn't wear a t-shirt and pull-ups and lie on the couch with the farmer eating Cheerios and watching tv.

It has taken her about a year to adjust.

Anyway, Eo and Snow Pea and I are relaxing in the barn but someone will probably come and make us get some exercise later.

We get our entertainment by watching the Nubians try to figure things out. Nubians are the blonds of the goat world: one of our Nubians bellows in fear whenever the farmer comes outside wearing a baseball cap (which is just about every day in the winter, because it rains a lot.)

She thinks it is a whole different duck-person-creature with a bill growing out of its head. Probably carnivorous, of course. Yo, Nubians, it's called a HAT!

If you have a good Nubian joke, send it in, maybe we can start a list of Nubian jokes.