Monday, September 25, 2006



Scouty is our Goat of the Day.

She is a 2-year-old purebred Nubian and she has had 4 children, three boys (Teddy, Roosevelt, and Marty) and one girl (little Martina).

Scouty is a good milker and has learned (the hard way) to appreciate the many benefits of cooperation. She is one of triplets; she has a sister named Boo and a brother named Gem. She is the daughter of Marty (aka Wall St Maureen) and Sunset Pines Magic Wish, who goes back to the 1992 Reserve National Champion, Trillium Trails Carmel Corn. For those who may care, Carmel Corn was a beautiful brown-spotted doe, a 9-star milker (nine generations of star milkers), and LA 93, which is the highest score a goat has ever gotten on linear appraisal.

Likes: Scouty is an avid vegetarian and enjoys all types of food, especially peanut butter cookies, stale bread, corncobs, apples, pears, leaves, sprigs, twigs, bark and needles, and of course banana peels (watch your fingers.)

Dislikes: Scouty hates rain and changes to the schedule.

Congratulations to Scouty. Posted by Picasa