Monday, March 19, 2007

Minimancha Twins

Oh, I almost forgot, Wronny also had twins on Friday. Here they are, Buttons and Cappy, both have blue eyes.

Cappy is the one in the picture with her mama, Buttons is the one staring into the camera up close. Buttons is already a dickens, in fact her name was Dickens for a while but now it is Buttons. She was jumping on Atty's back while he was guarding them in the shed.

We laughed when we saw Atty because he was lying in the doorway and would not let anyone in the shed without permission. Wendell came down and wanted to see the babies but Atty would not allow him in. Wendell was crying and crying, but Atty knows he is a terrible pest and wouldn't let him in.

Buttons and Cappy look almost just alike except for Cappy's white cap.

Too bad they aren't as pretty as my babies, but I guess they are okay if you like that kind of thing.

Baby Gallery

Well, here are some pictures of the most beautiful baby goats in the world. My children are named AnnaBelle, RubyJane, and Sgt. Bell Pepper.

The tiniest one is AnnaBelle, first she was called Dandelion because her hair was sticking straight out.

Then there is RubyJane, with the blue eyes.

And then there is Sarge, you can see him standing in the back with floppy ears in this group photo.

I think you will agree they are all supermodel babies.