Friday, March 03, 2017

The History of Goats Part One

The story of June.

June was born into a normal family with normal parents. Reasonably normal parents. Her parents were Faraway and Starlord. It turned out that Starlord was fairly small. Gradually the Nigerian bucks keep creeping up in size and some of them were getting too big especially since the Belle family usually runs to plus sizes this is because they are really good milkers. Faraway is a Poppy-Chaos daughter and the Chaos family being Promisedland also runs above average size so the farmer said OK we better find a little guy somewhere but not one of those shrimps with daughters that don't milk. The farmer is monomaniacal on milk. That is all we hear about. Milk milk milk.

So anyway the farmer found Starlord, who goes back to Drops of Jupiter top and bottom. And Starlord came in to see if he could breed some bigger girls down a little without ruining production.

Drops of Jupiter you are probably saying, isn't that an old Train song? Where the singer has hair from a previous century, has lost his ability to do up buttons, and wears leather pants?

Why yes. It isn't pretty but that is where we have to start.