Saturday, March 04, 2017

The History of Goats Part Two

Ok where were we. June.

Ok June is the daughter of Starlord who goes back Drops of Jupiter top and bottom as previously mentioned. How Drops of Jupiter got his name is probably the same way most goats get their name. He was probably named by a girl. And Drops of Jupiter is a girls' pop song by the group Train that came out in 2001, as also previously mentioned in Part One.

There are tons of goats with pop song names for this reason. If you can think of a pop song that little girls and their mothers love there will be goats with that name. In fact there are 14 goats named Drops of Jupiter but only one of them is the famous THE Drops of Jupiter and he is June's great-grandfather and her double great grandfather and a few other relations as well which is how it goes in the goat world where everybody knows everybody. The goat world is a snowglobe, it's the perfect little teapot for a tempest.

The farmer being weak-minded did not know anything about Drops of Jupiter but listened to it once and then dutifully picked out a line from the song for June's name, which is Herron Hill Walks Like June. Only the line from the song is actually Talks Like June, but the farmer as usual wasn't listening that closely, oh well nobody will notice and the papers already got sent in and we are just going to call her June Bug anyway.

June doesn't know anything about Drops of Jupiter either and she wouldn't care if she did, if he is even still alive he is probably just another little pale pink orange red Rosasharn-looking goat like she is and she has no interest in goats, she is only interested in food and people. Or, as she thinks about it, food and the hoofless food delivery systems on two legs.

I'm sorry we didn't really get anywhere in this part. But we will in Part Three.