Friday, February 01, 2008

Greetings from the Black Hole

Hello everyone and greetings from inside the Logan horse trailer.

I have been sent to solitary.

Why, you may ask?

I do not agree with the decision that I should not have any kids this year and so I went down to visit my boyfriend(s). My boyfriend(s) all agreed with me that I should be allowed to have as many kids as I want and that free love must be the underpinning of any happy goat society and that they would be happy to do their part in establishing my reproductive rights if they could just squeeze through the 2 inch holes in the fence wire, which they proceeded to attempt with heartwarming enthusiasm and determination, along with true revolutionary zeal and an outright refusal to submit to the so-called laws of physics.

The farmer came down and said, "you should not be coming in heat any more, it is February," and the frog march was on. Up we went to the black (actually it's white, except for the moss growing on everything this time of year) hole. Steel door slammed shut behind me. Began working on a book of prison poetry.

No use my pointing out that the Peanut calendar was supposed to be published today and wasn't because the farmer is supposedly so busy, so how am I supposed to know what month it is?

Anyway I am in the horse trailer, where it is actually quite pleasant. All meals and VAT included, English breakfast, and so on.

We have been tagged by another blogger but unfortunately we are not allowed to play tag here because it always ends in tears.

However I can tell 7 facts about myself:

1) I was born in Walla Walla.

2) I have the prettiest goat beard in five (King, Pierce, Thurston, Mason, and Kitsap) counties.

3). I like to hike but not to backpack. If someone wants to carry my pack - a packperson is fine - I would be happy to hit the trail.

4) I like to watch TV.

5) Eo is not the boss of me.

6) I love to drink milk and will drink it from a bottle, a bucket, a pan, or anything else even though I am almost five.

7) I know how to open the kitchen door of the farmer's house.