Monday, February 22, 2010

This Weather

Around here people never get tired of talking about the weather when it is nice. When it is not nice nobody says anything. They just trudge around with their mud flaps out. But on days like the last few days everyone says, This Weather!

Can you believe This Weather?

How do you like This Weather?

This Weather!

Then the other person says, I KNOW!

or Isn't It Something?

They never get tired of it. They say it over and over.

I think it is because of this weather but yesterday I went into heat again. I felt it coming over me and I struggled against it but I was powerless to resist. I gave in and started screaming at the top of my lungs to signify that I was interested in gentleman callers - this is a good system, I don't know why people don't do it this way - and the farmer came running out of the house and picked me up and scurried to the car and stuffed me in a green dog crate and peeled out the driveway off to Minter Bay Dairy Goats.

We got there in record time - I think the screaming helped move things along - and we drove right to the drive-up buck window and the farmer got me out of the crate and carried me to the buck pen and inside there was the most darling little buck.

He looked just like a china doll! A little teacup buck like you might get in a cereal box! I mean adorable!


I KNOW!!! He blubbered. ISN'T IT SOMETHING??!!

By this time I was ready to go and the farmer grabbed me and stuffed me back in the crate and we peeled out back to the farm, doing a donut in the field around the Minter Bay guard llama, who made no effort to check our IDs or anything else.

NICE TO MEET YOU! I screamed to the tiny buck. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!