Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thanks Everyone

Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments and excellent name suggestions!

I really had a hard time choosing names. If I had had a girl who was all white like me, I was going to name her Snow Belle. If I had a girl who was dark, I was going to name her Blue Belle.

If I had a boy who looked French, I was going to call him Bel Ami and have the farmer buy him a jaunty beret.

I decided on Jingle and Tinker for my two baby Belles in the end.

On their birthday they were very cute but of course kind of smushed-looking. Today they are supremely adorable, like supermodel goat babies. (And much bigger than Breezy's kids, who just look like little shrimps by comparison. Heh heh.)

Anyway, today we are going outside for a frolic. All the kids will play together since it is a beautiful sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest. So soon we will be able to add pictures of the outdoor kid jamboree.