Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peninsula Snow Diary

The snow has begun again.

There is a blizzard. That sound is the farmer cussing.

The snow has sort of stopped.

Clementine doesn't feel good so she is wearing the velcro sport jacket.

Now it is raining and the snow is getting pocked with raindots. There are also a lot of berries in the snow. It is unsightly. Note to self: don't eat snowberries.

Laddy the Tennessee Walker has undone his belly strap for the 38th time in the last week. That sound is the farmer cussing.

Weather says 10 inches of really wet snow from the South tomorrow. This means someone with two legs will have to go up on the roof of the dairy and brush the snow off because otherwise it is too heavy. That sound is the farmer cussing.

We are deciding which of our Caprifections we will make next spring. Certainly cajeta. But what about goat milk fudge or black bottom goat cheese cupcakes?  Also perhaps some Baby Belle's buttons, this is just a cute little snowball of chevre with goat milk caramel on top. (cajeta.) Oh well, right now we don't have any milk, it's very sad. I did notice that Abby is secretly still hoarding some milk but no one has noticed.

An ugly gray yellow sun ball is trying to peek through the snow clouds.

Pinky is BWAAAing.

It is rai-now-ing now. That is rain and snow at the same time.

More later. Must get under the tree.