Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome Home, Baby Belle

Well it is very funny how things turn out sometimes.

Last year Hannah Belle had two kids, a buckling and a doeling. A nice family wanted them.

"What are you going to call them?" the farmer asked. The family said that they were going to call the boy Charlie. And they would call the little doeling Belle. The farmer did not say anything, just nodded. Charlie and Belle. We did not know it then, because how can you ever know anything until it happens, but they would be Hannah Belle's last surviving kids.

For one year Belle and Charlie lived nearby. And they were fat and happy. Charlie was a wether, and he lived the Life of Riley. Everywhere Belle went, Charlie went. Everywhere Charlie went, Belle went.

Then one day the family called the farmer and said that they were moving to Hawaii.

"Hawaii," said the farmer. The farmer hates hot weather. The farmer would rather move to the Moon than to Hawaii.

They wondered if Charlie and Belle could come back to live at the farm.

If you are ever wondering do we have any strict unbreakable policies, any edicts set in stone, the answer is yes, we have two strict rules. One: No wethers. Two: No returns.

I felt a little misty-eyed for the two darling tots, but what is the point of having strict rules if everything is always an exception. Anyway, somebody else would probably want them, they are extremely good-looking and personable like all my relatives, so que sera, sera. And so on.

But apparently it is true what they say: the exception proves the rule. And the proof of that is the two new residents at Herron Hill Dairy.

Welcome home, Charlie.

Welcome home, Belle.