Saturday, March 11, 2017

The HoG Pt 3

All right ok June comes from the Jupiter line and the Jupiter line of course is all Rosasharn and Rosasharn of course like every other line goes back Goodwood and Stonewall because that is where all roads lead, even Twinks Pixie goes back Goodwood. I didn't say it would be interesting I just said it would be history.

These lines were brought in because even though they are different from the Belle lines they are very similar and bla bla bla some theory of breeding bla bla bla milk maximization without personality disorder...bla bla bla. So that is the roots of June.

But does this explain the actual June? Could even Dr. Frankenstein have predicted the actual June? The theoretical June is fine, she looks good on paper, which is where she should have stayed, everyone looks fine on paper, but the actual June. That is another story.

Here is a brief perhaps even scanty list of June's defects and demerits:

1. Food thief. She is only about two inches tall so can sneak anywhere. Will steal from anyone even the herdqueen if there is an escape route nearby.

2. Inadequate height. See above.

3. Inadequate color. Pale sort of drab orange pinkish white. Little black button eyes like a shark. Nondescript to a t.

4. Inadequate respect for elders. See #1.

5. Inadequate respect for superiors (everybody). See #1.

6. Inadequate supply of humility.

This is the tip. Of the iceberg. Will continue with more of her shortcomings in The HoG Pt 4 but we probably have to do a baby update first.