Thursday, February 02, 2012

The BP and the Boys

Well the upshot of the BP was that she was put on hold.

But if she comes back in heat in two weeks she will be bred to our new gentleman caller Chaos. We just call him K. He is in an outstanding specimen. His awesome pedigree is here: K's pedigree.

That brings us to the subject of the gentlemen. We have two different gentleman this year and they have never even gotten on the blog. One is K, he is a Nigerian with the magnificent beard so admired in the Baby Belle family and so lacking in so many other less resplendent families although I will not mention any names. We hope that he will be able to spruce up the offspring of some of the shabbier members of the farm.

Then there is also Fred. He came here as a baby but soon refused his bottle for reasons known only to him which kept him very small and spindly for quite a while but now he suddenly got a growth spurt and it looks like he might grow forever. Fred has a long fancy name and he is a very splashy black and white color, which makes up somewhat for the sad fact that he is a LaMancha.

Click here for Fred's pedigree for anyone who cares.

If you are a LaMancha-loving-shut-in you will realize that his pedigree includes some breed superstars including more than one National Champion. That is a big if however.

Fred's mother was the 2011 Oregon State Fair champion and she is rather spectacular. Who cares, I know. The downside of that of course is that, yes, he is from Oregon.

And yes, he has a lot of strange ideas. He also really enjoys playing with Wendell, which I think is disturbing.