Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Kid Count

The kid count has begun, kicked off by Breezy. Breezy had a set of triplets: their names are General (boy), Harper (girl), and Traveler (boy). April had a single buckling - he doesn't have a name yet. He is very happy go lucky and has a white cap to go with his otherwise traditional LaMancha markings, so if that helps you think of a name, send it in. Stacy had a set of unbelievably beautiful triplets: Lolo (girl), Betsy (girl), and Moony (boy). Moony is covered with moonspots.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Breezy Does it Again

Breezy has done it again, beating everyone to the punch. Yesterday, February 10, she popped out a set of triplets in record time. They are the first babies of the year and just as cute as a button. All healthy and doing well: the little girl weighed 2.75 pounds when she was born, but by the time she was two hours old she weighed 3.25 pounds. How did she do it? Milk milk milk! It does a baby body good!