Monday, June 11, 2012

Psych Ward

Everyone has gone crazy. Abby is on a rampage to try to move up the Nigerian ladder. She thinks because she had four kids she is four times as important as anyone else. Crumpet hardly even counts, she only weighs about six ounces. But anyway Betty is losing her grip on power. Winjay has another bat in her belfry, it is a real cavern of guano up there, and then there is Wendell.

I forgot to mention Wendell came from a puppy mill and he thinks his stuffed moose is his mother and when his screws come loose he tightens them up by suckling for hours on his Moosey Mother. It isn't even a stuffed dog. It is a stuffed moose.

The sad part is he thinks it's normal. He thinks everything he does is normal. Sad.That's what happens when you are raised by stuffed animals.

Anyway back to more important topics, we are trying to encourage Betty to hold onto her throne because we have all taken a vow NEVER to be ruled by crackpot Oregonians. We are THE BABY BELLE FAMILY.

Unfortunately all we can do from down below is watch, and Blue has already kowtowed to Typhoon Abby. It is up to Betty now to hold her ground.