Friday, July 22, 2005

The Family Tree

Well, I thought I would just post something on my family tree to bring everyone up to speed. I am two years old now, and I have had three children. Hannah Belle was my first child and she was spoiled rotten. She remains to this day an awful pest and escape artist. This year I had two babies, Jingle and Tinker.

Jingle, my son, went to live with a lovely family. Tinker (who looks exactly like her sister) is not as spoiled as Hannah Belle, although I have to say she carries on the family tradition of exquisite good looks, conformation, dairy character, and of course extreme humility.

Now Hannah Belle has had two sons: Orzbit and Charzan, and something funny happened. While Hannah Belle, Jingle Belle, and Tinker Belle all look exactly alike, Charzan and Orzbit look nothing alike - except they both have blue eyes - and neither of them look anything like their mother. Or me, their grandmother. So all I can say is, go figure.

Friday, July 15, 2005

National Goat Show!

It is almost time for the National Goat Show. We are very excited about it, because it is in Spokane this year. It has never been in Washington state before, so this is very exciting. Thousands of goats from all over the United Sates will come to the Show! None of them will be quite as cute as me, though.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The End of the Season

Well, it's the end of the season. All the babies have been born. My two grandsons are named Orzbit and Charzan. The farmer's nephew Max thought up those names. Max is two. While he was here, he spent a lot of time sitting on a stool with Orzbit on his lap.

Charzan is recovering nicely from a bout of floppy kid syndrome. It is not a joke! You can read about it here. Charzan had to go and live in the house for several days until he got his muscle tone back.

All the milkers are milking, and some of them are REALLY milking. We have one goat named Brandy who is the queen of the herd. She is not very big, but she is the boss of everything, and she milks about two gallons a day. Brandy knows everything and the price, too. If you're going to try to eat any of Brandy's grain, you better be a fast runner.