Friday, March 14, 2008

The Unicorn Hunt

Well, the farmer has started looking for a relief milker, and the way I hear it it would be a lot easier to find a unicorn. At least you would know what you were looking for: a white horse-type animal with a big horn growing out of its forehead.

A relief milker might be white, or might be any color, and might have a horn growing out of his/her head. Or might just as likely have a little hole in the head, where his/her brains fell out, because why else would anyone want to be a relief milker, since it's hard work and the pay is very minimal, and there is the added attraction of dealing with Boo the Winnebago and the Soprano family, although for all their faults the Sopranos do have excellent milk manners.

In fact that's just about all they have going for them. But anyway the hunt is on for a relief milker, so shout out if you find one and the farmer will be over to throw a rope around it and haul it off.

Calendar Arrives After All

Well much time has passed since the announcement of the winner of the Kid-of-the-Year contest and many of you have probably completely forgotten about it, but for those who still have one iota of interest, the 2008 Kid Calendar, starring Peanut the GlamourPuss, Big Orange, Boxcar Betty, Belle Pepper, Sammy and Leo, Bugsy and Stetson, and assorted other fun loving kids, is now available. It runs from April 2008 through May 2009.

We think all the bugs are out of it but we make no guarantees, representations, warranties, assertions or avowals in that regard.

So please don't complain if your calendar is printed upside down or something. Just accept our apologies in advance and make the best of it.