Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Notification of Name Change

Like mother, like daughter.

Hannah Belle's little daughter Blue Belle has had a name change. Her name is now Cora Belle. But why?

Well, she was born on Valentine's Day, and Cora sort of means heart. You know, heart, love, Valentine's Day.

But the real reason is a little different. Hannah Belle as you may know was the world's friendliest baby goat, and as an adult she came to be known as Hannah Belle Lecter because she was so spoiled that she never heard, much less understood, the word "no." And Cora Belle is already showing the family colors. When she sees a person, she comes running. Through the fence, under the gate - she is undeterred by obstacles that would stop an ordinary goat.

She has no respect for boundaries. She wants to be where the action is, and that is with people. And she wants to be fed and coddled and picked up. Boxcar Betty, her almost identical older sister, was not against feeding, but she was never one for kissing and hugging, and would only tolerate it when absolutely necessary.

Not this girl.

So anyway little Blue Belle will now be called Cora Belle. Because some day she almost certainly will be known as Cora Belle the Horrible.