Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pepe and Iota

Betty had her kids and their names are Pepe and Iota. Betty is a terrible mother. Half the time she is worried sick about her kids. When they are sleeping she wakes them up to make sure they are still alive.

The other half she forgets she has them and strolls off to sniff around the compost mountain to see if there are any delicious new weeds. Then she remembers and runs around screaming. "My kids, my kids! My kids have been kidnapped! I'm pretty sure there are two of them! Help! HELP!"

Pepe is mostly black with a little bit of white and ice-blue eyes. He enjoys dancing, especially Celtic type Lord-of-the-Dance riverdancing. That's kind of funny because we do not have a river. Iota appears to have some kind of superhero powers and is able to disappear when necessary. Her Superhero name is "Pawprint," because that's all she leaves behind when she disappears.

Then she will reappear, usually under a bookcase or in a cubbyhole. She doesn't dance as much as Pepe. She is more interested in thinking about things, possibly superhero activities.

So that's the story of Pepe and Iota. And now the tension mounts as the farmer paces and frets, awaiting the arrival of the offspring of the precious liquid-candy-milker Jammies, who is a frumpy little moth-eaten micro-Mancha, if the truth be told.