Monday, January 31, 2005

Missing Post

Something happened to my post from yesterday. I tried to email it in. I guess I am not as technologically savvy as I thought.

Anyway, it didn't say much, just that the weather was gray but mild here in the Pacific Northwest. Our mountains have really no snow! It's quite shocking.

Anyway, the farmers were hassling me to get some exercise, and called me a barn potato. I have to admit I am getting pretty big - the other day I caught myself sitting like a dog, just because it was more comfortable that way than lying down normally. Luckily no one saw it - when the farmers see you sitting like a dog they say you are too fat and put you on Atkins right away.

I have had a couple of suggestions for baby names, but I still need more. So send them in if you think of any - remember, the word Belle has to be in the name somewhere. Today is DAY 14 in the Kidding Countdown.