Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hello everyone. My mother Baby Belle is feeling sick today so i am writng her blog. She had some vitamins and pine needles and some elcrtoltytes so i think she will fel better soon. she is wlking in the front pastuer with the two nitwit nubian crossesa and one lamancha baby. catching some sun rays. ok.

on another topic ploease if you have a chance please send my some cookies. i am very hungry. It is not true what yoiu have herd that I am too fat. I am like a skeleton. send vanilla wafers or maybe some licoricewips. or i would even eat alfalfa anytihng owuld be better than this gfrass hay.

thanks ina dvance. xxxooo. hannah belle.

Monday, September 25, 2006



Scouty is our Goat of the Day.

She is a 2-year-old purebred Nubian and she has had 4 children, three boys (Teddy, Roosevelt, and Marty) and one girl (little Martina).

Scouty is a good milker and has learned (the hard way) to appreciate the many benefits of cooperation. She is one of triplets; she has a sister named Boo and a brother named Gem. She is the daughter of Marty (aka Wall St Maureen) and Sunset Pines Magic Wish, who goes back to the 1992 Reserve National Champion, Trillium Trails Carmel Corn. For those who may care, Carmel Corn was a beautiful brown-spotted doe, a 9-star milker (nine generations of star milkers), and LA 93, which is the highest score a goat has ever gotten on linear appraisal.

Likes: Scouty is an avid vegetarian and enjoys all types of food, especially peanut butter cookies, stale bread, corncobs, apples, pears, leaves, sprigs, twigs, bark and needles, and of course banana peels (watch your fingers.)

Dislikes: Scouty hates rain and changes to the schedule.

Congratulations to Scouty. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 22, 2006

What Really Happened

Betsy has been telling everyone how good she was at the fair but I heard the farmer telling the neighbor what she really did. First of all the farmer has to dress all in white to show the goats, which according to the farmer is not a good color even though it looks very beautiful on me. So what did Betsy do while she was waiting at ringside to go in the ring, as soon as it was too late for the farmer to change into the extra whites?

She jumped up and put two hoofprints right in the middle of the farmer's shirt. Then while the farmer was trying to brush the dirt off, she jumped up again and put two hoofprints on the farmer's pants. Then while the farmer was trying to brush that dirt off, she grabbed the paper show number pinned to the farmer's shirt and started eating it.

"She's eating your number," one of the spectators kindly pointed out to the farmer. While the farmer grabbed the first half of the number out of Betsy's mouth, she ate the second half.

Then it was time to go into the ring. In the ring, with no number and covered with hoofprints, the farmer thought Betsy would do very well because she had been practicing show-walking at home.

No indeed. Betsy bucked and pranced. While all the other goats were standing politely and chewing their cud, Betsy performed a triple toe loop, followed by the famous "flying swordfish" maneuver, followed by a festive, folk-inflected Lord-of-the-Dance jig.

"You are such a bad girl," the farmer was telling Betsy, just as the judge came up behind them unexpectedly.

"Yes she is," the judge agreed.

But she won the blue ribbon anyway.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blue Ribbon Betsy

Betsy (aka Stacy's Starlight) and Wronny (aka Wrong Number) just got home from the big state fair. They are acting very conceited because they both won money. Betsy won a blue ribbon and made it to the final where they choose the champion. She was also on the front page of the Tacoma newspaper with this photo, showing off her good looks. The judge commended Betsy for her stature, her length of body, and her dairy character. Betsy does not even know what dairy character is. Or any other character. How ridiculous.

Wronny is preening all around because she won seventh place. SEVENTH PLACE! Since when do they have that many places? If I came in seventh I wouldn't even want anyone to know, and here she is flouncing all over the place like Cleopatra on a party boat on the Nile. It's sad, really.

Oh well, anyway, they both think they are all that. Stacy, wherever you are, guess what? Your silly little daughter won first place!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Look Up!

Here is some free advice from me, for what it's worth.

It is easy to get very absorbed in what you are doing. It seems important. Believe me, I know.

But sometimes it is a good idea to stop and look up.

Look up: you can see the birds. Look up: you can see the stars. Look up: you can see the future coming right at you.

Look up.