Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pebbles. Again.

Well all roads lead to The Bitter Pill, and once again Pebbles has managed to get back in the news. It was decided that Pebbles would not be bred this year because she was a very late kid.

Why should she ever be bred, the world is full of Bitter Pills as it is. Maybe her big little sister Sandy could be bred instead. And what would the Bitter Pill's progeny be named? Shale and Mossyrock? Limestone and Riprap? It seems like a dead end in so many ways.

But Sandy never came into heat or if she did she did it quietly inside the barn while it was raining cats and dogs and nobody noticed or cared.

Then yesterday the BP came into a howling heat, she stood by the upper pasture gate screaming like a banshee. There are no bucks up there which shows you how refined her matrimonial skills are but anyway. Wendell came out and made bug eyes at her and that only encouraged her. It sounded like someone had shut their hoof in a car door.

The rest of us moved discreetly down the hill, pretending not to notice anything, and eventually the farmer came out and said, " you will have to be quiet Pebbles, because you are not going to be bred this year."

But then a little glimmer came into the farmer's eye, not exactly an idea but some little blip on the radar, a sub-idea or possibly a notion.

"Wait a minute," said the farmer, "isn't it next year now?"

.........Stay Tuned

Baa Ram Ewe

If a pig can do it, why not? On the other hand, this would never work with goats, especially not here. Betsy Bigoletto would just pick this guy up by the ears and throw him over the fence. Adios, Champis.