Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kid Countdown

Well the countdown is on.

The race to the first babies of the year includes the following three participants, each scheduled for the launchpad on the same day: Hannah Belle, Miss Melly, and Scouty. We hope we don't get a baby blizzard like we did one day last year.

1) My daughter Hannah Belle (ND) is huge. Last year she had a set of really beautiful triplets: Peanut, Boxcar Betty, and Goatzilla. The farmer thinks she will probably have triplets again.

2) Miss Melly (ND) is not so huge. Last year she also had triplets: Tux, Top Hat, and Turkish Delight. All three of them looked exactly like her - mostly black with white here and there. They went around in a little miniature gang causing trouble and vandalizing the hay bales. They were known on the street as The Three Little Priests.

3) Scouty (Nubian) looks like Moby Dick, and she rolls to the surface in much the same way when she gets up in the morning. For the first time ever in the history of the farm - this is quite disgraceful - we do not know who Scouty is bred to. It is either the Captain or Wrusty Nails or possibly both. In any case her kids will be miniatures. If they have blue eyes we will know where they came from. If not we won't. We expect them to be very cute whatever happens.

The date is set for the 17th of February. Today is T minus 11.

Bring it on, Ladies.