Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Thanks, BUB

After several days on the B.U.B. program, Jammies the sad-eyed mini-mancha decided that Ziggy didn’t really look so bad. She has four legs, after all, and fur. Unfortunately Ziggy has gotten accustomed to the bottle, and can’t quite figure out how a real nipple works. “It’s too lifelike!” she screams, when the farmer tries to latch her on. “It’s warm! It doesn’t taste like rubber!”

She is working on it, though, and there is one ironclad rule of baby goats that always prevails in the end: the hungrier they are, the smarter they get. In the meantime, Ziggy follows Jammies everywhere, pestering her when she wants to sleep, chewing her beard, walking in her food, jumping on her whenever she lies down.