Tuesday, February 07, 2012


The farmer is planning what to make later this spring when everyone starts kidding and the milk is back in. There are going to be a lot of caprifections.

For now the farmer is going to make soap and there won't be anything fancy about it it is the plainest soap in the world. But it has goat milk in it and it gets you clean.

Meanwhile there has been yet another internet snafu. We all agreed, even the Nubian crosses, that we hate Facebook so we didn't have a Facebook page until about ten years after everyone else got one. But finally we got one.

Then the farmer forgot where the Facebook page was and so started another one. Forgetting also that the first page had some Facebook friends on it. Then the farmer possibly might have started a third Facebook page and so the two previous, one with friends and one friendless, were just floating around out there like suitcases thrown overboard from the Titanic waiting to sink to the bottom of the Internet Ocean.

But anyway, if you find our Facebook page please tell us where it is. The newest one has Pebbles on it.

To our old Facebook friends drifting around the Doldrums and the Wide Sargasso Sea - bon voyage! Until we friend again!