Friday, February 15, 2008

Ego Te Absolvo...

Go and sin no more...

Miss Melly and the Holy Fathers

I guess they are KIND of cute. Anyway they seem to have a tiny spark of personality, so things could be worse.

Which Way is Up?

Wrusty Jr. can get his mini-Nubian ear up, but the full Nubian ear just won't cooperate...


Scouty catches her breath before popping out her second quadruplet.

....But Not Least

Well, every year somebody is due on or around Valentine's Day. But then every year nobody quite manages to make the delivery deadline. So Cupid had not hit the mark around here, until yesterday.

Once Hannah Belle saw that the deck had been cleared and her opening acts were safely offstage, she dropped out three adorable little boys in prime time. One looks just like Betty from last year, and he also complains extensively, just like Betty. One is brave and stoic like Peanut with an occasional muted peep; the third is very hungry, and also an all-new color scheme for my family.

We will get the pictures up soon.

Happy Valentine's Day, little boys.

Ed. Note: Unfortunately, we have had to let Lori go from her job sexing baby goats. Hannah Belle had two boys and a girl, contrary to what was originally reported. The little boy who looks just like Betty is actually a little girl. Just like Betty. We regret the error.
(For those of you practicing at home, the little boys will be the ones with testicles.)