Friday, April 29, 2011

Many Happy Returns of the Day

It certainly has been a red letter day for Royals everywhere.

After watching the nuptials of Prince Wills and Catherine Middleton, the farmer turned us out for the day in the front pasture. Betty promptly turned around and ran back to the gate, kicking it wholeheartedly so as to rattle the chain and get the farmer's attention.

"What's wrong, Betty?" said the farmer. "Don't you want to stay out? It's a beautiful day."

Betty just huffed impatiently until the farmer opened the gate and then she rushed back into the barn to her stall where she laid down and had two babies, a boy and a girl.

As you probably know my family is famous the world over for its unwarranted modesty so you will certainly believe me when I say that these are two of the most beautiful goats ever born and since it is within my power as the ruling monarch of the Baby Belle Royal Family I have bestowed upon them titles to mark their extraordinariness and they will henceforward be known as the Duke and Duchess of Lakebay.

And the barn bells will toll for thirty minutes at the stroke of 12:30 p.m. from this day forward on their birthday if we can find the barn bells or maybe we don't have any but if we don't Wendell will bark for a minute instead.

And thus it is decreed. Go forth and eat blackberries.