Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Pipes The Pipes Are Not Calling

Okay the Ceremony of the measuring of TMFGITW has been cancelled owing to it is supposed to get really hot and it is smoky and ashy from all the fires burning around here. It will be done when it is not hot and smoky and ashy. Also the goats who went to the fair are on quarantine because Golly for one was caught in the act of licking a really grimy barn railing probably covered in goat influenza germs so we are taking bets on when she will come down with the Fair Flu. Anyway if the farmer gets the truck unpacked there might be an eyeballing or a guesstimating of TMFGITW height later on in the day. Or maybe not. Also we need to find the bagpipes and someone to play them before we can do the official TMFGITW Measurements which are always done with "Danny Boy" whinging along in the background.