Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Orange No More

I received many excellent suggestions for a name for Big Orange. Well, actually, I received many suggestions. Not that many excellent suggestions.

I received some suggestions which did not come from my blog, including Valencia, which isn't that bad (at least it's an orange). From my blog I considered a number of suggestions which were intriguing but not quite right, including Pretty Mogaryround, SunXist, BLOG, and Agent Orange.

In the end I chose Xanthoria Elegans for several reasons, listed below in no particular order.

1. It starts with an X.

2. It is an orange star lichen, and Big Orange's mother's name (on the papers, anyway) is Stacy's Starlight. Also, Big Orange is mostly bred on the awesome Lucky Star lines, a famous LaMancha herd out of Port Angeles.

3. There will not be a bunch of other goats in her kindergarten class with the same name.

4. She seems to like it. She doesn't run off when the farmer yells it out, anyway.

5. Lichen can survive where nothing else can. This will come in handy.

So thank you to the person who suggested Xanthoria.