Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get Penrose

It's like these children want milk EVERY DAY and not only that they want it FIVE OR TEN TIMES.

I can't go anywhere without them following me and the little one is always crying and putting on a show of looking tiny and shrunken. As far as conversation, it's always, "more milk, more milk, more milk."

Never anything about me, what am I thinking or would I like a Nutter Butter, or isn't my Clouseau mustache getting more and more charming, or my goodness what a pretty day. No, just more milk more milk more milk.

"THERE ISN'T ANY MORE!" I finally told them and the farmer went and got some milk from Cherry and gave it to the teeny tiny one and finally I had a moment's peace.

Then the FARMER checked to see if I had any more milk, like now I am going to feed three ravenous children and also a FARMER, and then the farmer said, "Well, maybe we can go down and get Penrose."

Penrose is the miracle milker.