Friday, February 11, 2005

Three Days to Go!

K-Day Minus Three! That's right, there are only three days left in the kidding countdown. I am so ready for these baby goats to come out. It feels like they are player soccer in there!

I got some more name suggestions: Liberty Bell (woops! I had this listed as Liberty Belle at first!) and Southern Belle.

The list is getting long - I am glad there will be several to pick from.

Did you know that up until this year there were only six breeds of goats, all full-size, allowed in the ADGA? (That's the American Dairy Goat Association.) Those breeds were:

a. Alpine
b. Lamancha
c. Nubian
d. Oberhasli
e. Saanen
f. Toggenburg

Guess what? Now there is a new breed in town! The Nigerian Dwarf! The mighty mite milkers with everything - smart, funny, cute, colorful, yummy milk!

Go little girls! Dwarf Doe Power!