Monday, January 31, 2005

Missing Post

Something happened to my post from yesterday. I tried to email it in. I guess I am not as technologically savvy as I thought.

Anyway, it didn't say much, just that the weather was gray but mild here in the Pacific Northwest. Our mountains have really no snow! It's quite shocking.

Anyway, the farmers were hassling me to get some exercise, and called me a barn potato. I have to admit I am getting pretty big - the other day I caught myself sitting like a dog, just because it was more comfortable that way than lying down normally. Luckily no one saw it - when the farmers see you sitting like a dog they say you are too fat and put you on Atkins right away.

I have had a couple of suggestions for baby names, but I still need more. So send them in if you think of any - remember, the word Belle has to be in the name somewhere. Today is DAY 14 in the Kidding Countdown.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day 16

Today is Day 16 in the Kidding Countdown. I had a big breakfast this morning, alfalfa and grass hay and cob mixed with 13% grain (yum!). The farmers encouraged me to go outside and stroll around and get some exercise, but there was a light mist of rain in the air, which I personally don't care for. So I pretended to go out then came back in and had a lovely snooze while the silly Nubians walked around in the rain bawling.

Yo! Nubians! It's called a door.

You walk through it and you're inside. No more rain. Like magic!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Baby Hannah Belle, one day old Posted by Hello

Day 17

Ok, now we are at Day 17 in the kidding countdown. If you don't know much about dairy goats, their usual gestation period is 150 days, but Nigerian Dwarfs (like me) usually like to go about 144 days. Above is a picture of my first daughter, Hannah Belle the hoodlum, right after she was born last year.

Usually people say "aawwww!" when they see her. That is before they realize what a troublemaker she is.

Here is a short list of places Hannah Belle has escaped from: baby stall in the barn; tack room in the barn; pasture with four foot fence; pasture with five foot fence; inside the locked canopy of a pickup truck; inside a fully enclosed, locked horse trailer with steel doors.

Hannah Belle has also perfected a head fake and spin move that fools the farm's border collie 98% of the time. She is the Walter Payton of dairy goats, and holds the all-time farm rushing record even though she is only six months old.

When the other goats see her come to the line of scrimmage they yell "go, sweetness, go!" (In goat language, of course.)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Kidding Countdown Commences

Dear Goat Friends:

Please visit my web site.

Right now it is a work in progress.

As of today, my kid countdown stands at 18 days. I expect to have my kids on February 14, Valentine's Day. If you have some good name suggestions for my new babies (I hope they will be girls!) please post them. Just remember, the word "Belle" must be in there somewhere.

Right now, I have two ideas: Jingle and Tinker. (Last name Belle, of course.)

My Christmas Photo Posted by Hello


Hello! My name is Baby Belle. I live on a small goat farm in Western Washington. I am a one-year-old Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat. I have one daughter and am expecting more children next month. I can't be sure, but this time I think I will have two kids. I hope they will be more obedient than my first child, Hannah Belle, who is, I must admit, a juvenile delinquent. To tell the truth, I used to be a delinquent myself before I settled down.