Friday, July 01, 2005

The End of the Season

Well, it's the end of the season. All the babies have been born. My two grandsons are named Orzbit and Charzan. The farmer's nephew Max thought up those names. Max is two. While he was here, he spent a lot of time sitting on a stool with Orzbit on his lap.

Charzan is recovering nicely from a bout of floppy kid syndrome. It is not a joke! You can read about it here. Charzan had to go and live in the house for several days until he got his muscle tone back.

All the milkers are milking, and some of them are REALLY milking. We have one goat named Brandy who is the queen of the herd. She is not very big, but she is the boss of everything, and she milks about two gallons a day. Brandy knows everything and the price, too. If you're going to try to eat any of Brandy's grain, you better be a fast runner.