Friday, January 28, 2005

Baby Hannah Belle, one day old Posted by Hello

Day 17

Ok, now we are at Day 17 in the kidding countdown. If you don't know much about dairy goats, their usual gestation period is 150 days, but Nigerian Dwarfs (like me) usually like to go about 144 days. Above is a picture of my first daughter, Hannah Belle the hoodlum, right after she was born last year.

Usually people say "aawwww!" when they see her. That is before they realize what a troublemaker she is.

Here is a short list of places Hannah Belle has escaped from: baby stall in the barn; tack room in the barn; pasture with four foot fence; pasture with five foot fence; inside the locked canopy of a pickup truck; inside a fully enclosed, locked horse trailer with steel doors.

Hannah Belle has also perfected a head fake and spin move that fools the farm's border collie 98% of the time. She is the Walter Payton of dairy goats, and holds the all-time farm rushing record even though she is only six months old.

When the other goats see her come to the line of scrimmage they yell "go, sweetness, go!" (In goat language, of course.)