Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Day Twelve!

Hi Everyone:

It's DAY 12 in the Kidding Countdown. Twelve has always been one of my lucky numbers, so I think it will be a really good day.

This morning the babies were kicking inside my belly, just squirming around like little hoodlums. The farmer served a delicious breakfast of cob, black oil sunflower seeds, and alfalfa pellets, mixed with minerals and a spoonful of linseed meal. YUM!

I am officially on maternity watch in the barn now, so I have a semi-private stall (my fat little sister SnowPea is with me). The stall has its own paddock, so I can go out and stretch my legs whenever I feel like it. (Not very often.)

The farmer made me take a walk, which wasn't too bad since it is a nice sunny day here in Western Washington. Below you can see a picture of me all tucked into my suite in the barn.

Waiting in the Maternity Ward

Me, Baby Belle, in the barn Posted by Hello