Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday = Eight Days to Go

Hi Everyone!

Today my babies (or is it just one baby? Sometimes I'm not sure) are really squirming. They can hardly wait to get out and start causing trouble.

Their dad's name is Marquee and he is very handsome. Marquee has wattles, and all his kids do too. Wattles are cute little tags that hang on a goat's neck; we call them "goat jewelry."

Marquee's dad is a champion show goat, and so is his mom. Marquee has done very well at shows also. One thing about his babies is that they all seem to have really sweet dispositions, although some of them, I have to say, can be very mischievious.

Sometimes Nigerian Dwarf goats can be a little shy and skittish of people. This is not a problem with Marquee's kids. One of the biggest problems with Marquee's kids is trying to get them to stop jumping in your lap and chewing on your hair and kissing you all the time.