Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Pointer Sisters

Betsy and Xie Xie and Binky and Pinky are known as the Pointer Sisters, even though they aren't sisters. This is because if something untoward is happening in the near distance, they assume a frozen statue position and stare at it in unison. This gradually encourages other bears of little brain to assume the staring position.

Not me, I don't point. When I see pointing, I head to the barn. When I get there, Hannah Belle is already there, checking for feed and picking out the safest position.

If a coyote for example were out in the meadow, the Pointer Sisters would be staring at it.

Yesterday, which was one of the ten most beautiful days of the year, the Pointer Sisters lined up together and stared across into the neighbor pasture. I headed for the barn but before I left I peeked in that direction.

There was a weasel!

A weasel! Scampering freely in broad daylight! That's how beautiful it was yesterday!