Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Long Dark Night of the Mini-Nubians

The long dark night of the mini-Nubians is about to begin. Aggie the mini-Nubian, Boo's unexpectedly normal daughter, is in the red zone. Some time soon, very soon we hope, she will deliver the first and last mini-Nubian kids of the year.

Stay tuned...

The Horses In Your Head

I have been upgraded from the shed to the big barn as befits a goat of my stature. This is because I have the sweetest milk and I am now the farmer's personal milker and the farmer will not make a latte unless it is made from Baby Belle milk. (That's me, Baby Belle.)

I do feel sorry for the other goats, but that's the way it goes. The cream rises to the top. See you later, suckers.

On another note Willen the yellow pony is about to begin his driving training again. He has a new cart purchased from the Small Farmer's Journal spring auction and a new harness. This harness is so pretty I almost think I would consider pulling a cart if I were allowed to wear it. Almost, but not quite.

These items were purchased by the farmer's friend down the road who knows how to buy things, especially horse things, and when to buy them and how much to pay for them. That may sound like something anybody can do, but believe me it is not.

In any case the farmer's friend is a horse nut and knows everything about horses. She is over sixty and still breaks all the young horses at her farm. When she comes out into the field all the horses move their butts away from her to show respect.

Horses are like the Mafia. They have all kinds of marks of respect. Moving the butts away when she comes by is one of them. It is to show that they would never consider kicking her. Some of the baby horses think they don't have to move their butts, but they learn different in a big hurry. So if you ever want to see a horse butt ballet you can watch the farmer's friend walk through the horse pasture. And if any of the butts don't move, then you will see a very interesting lesson in horse manners.

When the farmer's friend was a little girl she didn't have any horses and dreamed of them all the time. Her father told her that "if all the horses in your head stampeded, you couldn't see for the dust."

And now she has all the horses she could want. So you see if you just hold on to your dreams they will come true.

So take some advice from me, Baby Belle, and please remember the horses in your head.