Friday, April 06, 2007

My New Nanny

Hello, everyone.

I am feeling quite a bit better. But still a bit under the weather, so I do not have enough milk to feed my triplets. They are very hungry.

So the farmer has taken over feeding the triplets twice a day, and I add a little bit here and there.

I did not know this system was available, but apparently I am the last to hear of it. This is called a "Nanny." I guess it must come from Nanny Goat.

Anyway, what happens is you find a person (one of those things you see everywhere with two legs) who is not doing anything much besides milking all the goats and cleaning the stalls and fertilizing the fields and making cheese and brushing out the horses and stacking the hay bales. And get them to feed your babies.

You lay out in the sun and eat grass.

It's a good system.

Oh, by the way, little Cammy had a pair of adorable twins today, Biscuit and Pinky. She is feeding them herself - just imagine, how old-fashioned.