Saturday, February 05, 2005

Nine Days to Kidding!

Good morning, everybody. I hope you are enjoying our early spring. The chickens are laying and the horses have started losing their coats. I hope we don't get a hard hard freeze because everyone will be very chilly and confused if that happens.

Below you can see a picture of our friend Scout the Nubian. We all like her a lot, but she is a Nubian, so she can be a little bit intellectually challenged. But to tell the truth, even though she is afraid of hats and doesn't understand that it only rains outside, she is not the dumbest Nubian on our farm.

No, that honor belongs to Stacy. Stacy is four years old, and even though she loves food (like all Nubians), she still hasn't figured out that if you jump up on the milkstand there is a big dish of grain waiting for you.

This is something Eo and I learned when we were two weeks old. We would have done it sooner, but our legs were too short to jump that high. Anyway, the poor farmers have to lift Stacy onto the milkstand every time they want to trim her feet, and she weighs about 150 pounds.

She's sweet, though, and she's an excellent hummer. Most of the day she lies on the ground humming Nubian songs to herself. Go Stacy!


Our friend Scout the Nubian, trying to figure out what those drops falling from the sky are Posted by Hello