Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Winner...

Well it is time to tell the correct answer to the quiz. The correct answer is Big Orange.

Big Orange does not belong in the photo for all the reasons mentioned:

1. She is not polled, and has never had any hermaphrodite children.
2. She has a distinct advantage in the mammary system.
3. She is orange.
4. She is a goat.
5. She is a productive member of society.
6. She has no implants of any kind.
7. She is a strict vegetarian, and can be trusted with a knife.

But first and foremost, Big Orange does not belong in the picture because she is a Bigoletto and not a Kardashian.

Congratulations to our winner pictishwitch!

Applause applause applause. 

In other exciting news, Pebbles has gotten bigger than Sandy, who was almost twice Pebbles' size at birth. Congratulations to Pebbles, who worked her way up from Peanut size to Plus size through sheer determination and diligent round-the-clock eating.

Scattered polite applause.

In yet more thrilling news, Wendell has had his rightful jacket returned to him and wears it proudly as he hogs heat in front of the stove.

Tepid congratulatory murmur.