Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Big Orange

Something has happened to Big Orange. She used to be the Mayor of Crazy Town. Well, she still is. But she has turned super super super sweet, it's very baffling, I wonder if there is some kind of secret contest going on where the sweetest goat wins a truckload of licorice or something. If there is, please email me, I definitely could take my sweetness up several notches if there is a good reason. I don't want to waste a bunch of sweetness though.

Also my daughter Izzy moved out on her own. She is nice when she sees me in the pasture but she has decided she prefers living in the unbelievably dilapidated cabana. The cabana, if they showed it on tv to represent a hillbilly goat shack, would probably be vetoed as being too overdone. It has been 'slated for demolition' for years. The roof has been blown off several times and replaced with decreasing enthusiasm and skill each time. Supposedly it is going to be replaced this summer if it ever stops raining. Which it hasn't.